I think every writer/artist has that one story/drawing that gets completely skipped over, and they’d never say it aloud, but inside they’re like

'fuck all y'all, that's one of the best things I've done'

plus one story/drawing that everyone loves

'really? that one?'


Why is President Business’s hair uneven

It bothers me because he’s suppose to be a perfectionist and OCD and because I’m OCD and a bit of a perfectionist too

I just see gifs and official artwork and I just wanna reach over and fix his damn hair

I think the uneveness of his hair is very intentional, it probably represents how he’s not as perfect as he views himself to be

also fun fact if you look at his hair from above it looks like half of an octagon, probably in reference to the octan brand

And you are capable of amazing things, because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone.

The Green Seat


a screencap summary of the 1st episode of Mushishi

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please stress the importance of platonic love

ahhh this episode, I think it’s my favorite so far

the character interactions are really great and we get some humor out of ginko for once instead of the perpetual -__- face

I feel like he would take up knitting. (no but dont the Mushi Shi follow him and thats one of the reasons he has to keep moving ?)

tru, idk maybe there could be a certain area that wards off mushi for some reason so they don’t follow him there. Although he probably would have heard of a place like that.

still it’s just funny imagining him kinda going crazy wondering why for once there’s literally no one to help out and nothing to investigate.

oh my god this ep on the boat

ginko finally met his match